We are revolutionizing the credit industry

This is how we do it

Our innovative and alternative Artificial Intelligence credit score platforms use non-traditional variables and Machine Learning to predict the creditworthiness, and the probability of defaults of a potential borrower, either banked or unbanked, who has no access to traditional credit and no credit history (approx. 3 Billion people worldwide).

Our credit scoring platforms are complemented by a digital credit management platform which includes digital customers on-boarding through white label channels, loan lifecycle management (disbursement to collection), real-time data access, reporting, customer communication management, etc. Our innovative open-data platform allows to access alternative financial data and payments history of users.

We help Financial Institutions and NFIs to extend more credit products to more customers in all segments

Financial Institutions:

Traditional banks
Issuers & Acquirers
Digital Wallet

Non Financial Institutions:

Delivery companies
Ride-hailing companies
Service companies
Digital Lenders
Factoring Companies

We are the best credit technology provider to work with

We are unique in the credit space

Ground-breaking technology

Proprietary & Innovative Technology (IPR)

Our model is anonymous, dynamic, instant & scalable

Using AI & ML

Lean & cloud-based infrastructure

Innovative business model

SaaS / Technology Licensing

Replicable products

Country agnostic

Small businesses & consumers

An experienced and highly skilled team

Paolo Fidanza CEO & Co-Founder
Veronica Crisafulli CSO & Co-Founder
Elena Shtonova COO
Andrew Kurinnyi CTO
Reinaldo Rivas CFO
Javier Diaz CAO

We are growing with our partners

around the world

Global reach by being country agnostic and cloud based

United States
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