MOving technology forward for an inclusive, digital & seamless financing.

Our suite of core products includes a Digital Lending Platform with flexible and innovative solutions that drastically reduce time-to-market and improve the lending customer experience. In addition, we offer Alternative Scoring & Analysis based on our proprietary models leveraged on ML and AI.


Scored users


Credits managed

The Digital Lending Platform

Our platform comprehensively covers the end-to-end needs of a credit lifecycle value chain. Our solution covers the full lending cycle including: digital onboarding and credit core management, integration with CRM…

The Alternative Scoring and Analysis

Through our proprietary risk models leverage the latest ML and AI modeling methodologies and rely on ingesting our standard and premium KPIs for above industry average approval rates. 

The Complementary Data

The alternative data aggregates, consolidates and geo references data sources with a single integration. The standard indexes provide value on their own by filling our client’s data deficiency gaps needed by their risk…

What we care about —

The problems we solve.

Dramatically better performance —

Leaders in our segment.


Approval rate.

Users that are evaluated through our credit scores solutions 70% are approved.


Default rate.

of the total number of credits issued that have been in default for over 90 days or more.

<200 ms

Response time.

Instant decision engine with blazing response time. Thanks to our cloud based high performance infrastructure.


New loans managed monthly.

Our technology enables thousands of new loan applications per month and manages their life cycles. 

Why MO —

Patented technology and solid architecture.

Our technology core allows you to choose the solutions you need to fit your business model. The platform is API-first for a quick and seamless integration with your existing tech stack leveraging our patented technologies.



63 milliseconds average response time for the entire scoring process.



Our platform can process close to 1M requests per minute and it is built to scale on demand.



Masked ID to protect the users information.



Sourced data in real-time to provide real-time insights.

The Digital Lending Platform

Credit management solutions that digitize and automate every step of the credit lifecycle. 

The Alternative Scoring and Analysis

Alternatively score full-file  thin file and no file users and merchants.

The Complementary Data

Extract and transform raw data into structured information.

Case studies —

Success stories.

Our solutions have been proven to be successful across the  financial  and non-financial world. Spanning from traditional banks, to Fintech companies, we contribute to achieving financial inclusion.

Use cases:

Financial world