We are MOvers!

We focus on fostering an innovative and alternative workplace where you can build and make the most of your career path. Learn from the best, find excellence and intrinsic reward in every project you may work on, and transform blank spaces into opportunities.

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Work at MO —

The Fintech everyone wants to work in.

At MO, our people come first. MOvers come first. We believe in the power of teamwork, the humanity beyond every solution, and the impact we make in achieving financial inclusion.

Welcome to MO.
Explore who we are, what makes us tick, and why we refer to ourselves as MOvers.

We are Disruptive

We want you to be empowered. Don’t follow the establishment or the status quo, develop your own voice.

We are One Team

We MOvers work as a community; we win and improve together. Unity is our Strength.

We are Doers

While we dream big, we also possess the structure and cadence to make dreams a reality.

We are Human

Our people come first. We focus on leading with kindness and think first of our teammates’ individual needs, situations and aspirations.

We go the Extra Mile

We are passionate about creating new solutions and transforming whitespace into opportunities.

Our numbers —

A world of new opportunities starts here. To have a better idea of MO, let’s go over some numbers.

+10 nationalities
7 languages spoken and counting
+120 fellow MOvers
+80 hires during the pandemic
+16 professional disciplines
70% technical team
MOvers moving forward
What does it mean to be a MOver?
Discover the power of MO Geo
Discover the power of MO Geo
MO in 2020: Did you know that not even COVID stopped us at MO?
MO in 2020: Did you know that not even COVID stopped us at MO?
MO in 2020
MO in 2020
MO is part of the Mastercard Network
MO is part of the Mastercard Network
MOmentum 2020
MOmentum 2020
MO Corporate Video
MO Corporate Video
A Day at the MOffice is
Work at MO —

Benefits and programs.

  • Stock units

    We’re all company owners. Receive an amount of RSU commensurate with your role.

  • Prepaid medicine

    The most important thing is your health, that’s why we offer you private health insurance.

  • Education

    We want to help you grow, that’s why we offer education facilities. Access online learning platforms.

  • Meal allowance

    Go to your favorite restaurants. Enjoy grocery shopping! Every month receive meal allowance.

  • International exchange program

    Get to experience our various office locations. Immerse yourself in a new city a month at a time.

  • Additional leisure days

    We care about you. Enjoy 4 additional days of vacations every year.


Calle 93 #11A-11 Piso 2. Bogotá, Colombia.
+57 (601) 623-3974


7901 4th St N STE 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33702

We can’t wait to meet you.

To learn more about our solutions contact us to speak to a representative or request a demo.