MO Score

MO Score allows our clients to assess the creditworthiness of their non-file, thin-file or full-file users through alternative data and proprietary innovative technologies.

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MO Score —

What does it do?

We accurately score the financially underserved populations that have been affected by: credit scoring systems based solely on credit history, centralized loans issued traditionally by financial institutions, or red tape credit application processes.

Our technology is supported by Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) to achieve flexible models that improve over time.

MO Score helps you assess the creditworthiness of our users through alternative data and proprietary innovative scoring technologies.

Advanced scoring methods.

State of the art artificial intelligence model that improves over time and allows the interpretability of individual results.

Feature augmentation.

Our enhanced model features, through non-traditional data, provide a holistic view of your users (customers and merchants).

Smooth knowledge transfer.

Leverage our experience from dozens of projects in LATAM and accelerate your time to market.

Blazing fast bespoke.

Our scalable framework is built for instant scoring. We adapt and calibrate our model to fit your particular needs in record time.

The problems we solve —

Financial exclusion.

Nearly 2 billion people around the world lack effective access to formal credit financial services. This includes unbanked or newly banked individuals with a thin — or non-existent — financial footprint.


Increase your user base while maintaining a healthy credit portfolio.


Optimize your existing credit portfolio.


Credit origination capabilities for non-financial organizations.



MO Score —

How does it work?

We use proprietary AI & ML scoring models fed by ample data sources that include traditional and alternative data. The result is a bespoke scoring model that seamlessly integrates with your origination software and can be accessed in real time.







Key features

Real time decisioning

API-first and cloud native

Agile time to market solutions

Ample scoring data source access

Our seamless integration through API with your credit origination software makes it posible to get credit scoring input and delivering credit risk outputs including risk KPIs, interpretability and others.

Our infrastructure is leveraged on world class cloud providers that enable scaling and ease of integration.

Our infrastructure is ready to go out of the box and our solid scoring model is easy to calibrate to fit custom needs.

Our technology is fully integrated to hundreds of data sources both traditional and alternative.

  • Real time decisioning
  • API-first and cloud native
  • Agile time to market solutions
  • Ample scoring data source access
Available in:
  • Scale as you grow.

    Our solution can handle different operational volumes while maintaining the same performance.

  • Real-time tracking.

    The performance of our models are monitored dynamically and business and credit KPIs updated on the fly.

  • Automatic model updates.

    Our MLOps flow allows us to update the models whenever a significant drift in data or model performance is detected.

Who is this solution for —

How does MO Score serve our clients?

Financial world...

  • Banks & Neobanks

  • Fintechs

  • Digital wallets

  • Acquiring networks

  • Correspondant network

  • Lenders

  • Card issuers

Who is this solution for —
Who is this solution for —

How does MO Score serve our clients?

How does MO Score serve our clients?

Non-financial world

  • Ride hailing companies

  • FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

  • BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing)

  • Gig economies

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