MO Manage

Our E2E credit lifecycle platform. We enable our clients to launch and manage a digital credit operation through origination, servicing, and digital collection capabilities.

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Launch your credit operation and provide financing to your merchant networks with Merchant Cash Advance.

Streamline your operation through our E2E credit lifecycle platform, from origination to servicing and digital collection.

MO Manage —

What does it do?

Our credit-tech as a service solution covers the E2E credit lifecycle management. It is the umbrella platform for our hub of products. It has the right capabilities to support and manage the entire credit sub-processes within the lifecycle of the financing products you want to launch. From the origination’s on-boarding, KYC, live scoring, application, and disbursement; to the servicing’s credit operation, repayments, digital collection, and loan closing.

We know there is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to choosing a type of credit product to offer the end-user. We built MO Manage to adapt its core to different use cases we have identified, which are the most common and will bring the most value to your new fintech operation: BNPL, MCA, Credit cards, Micro-credit.

If what you had in mind doesn’t fit one of these use cases, don’t worry. We are sure we can figure something out. We are the credit-tech experts.

MO Manage Buy Now, Pay Later.

Our BNPL solution enables businesses to integrate a seamless credit experience within users’ shopping journey. Shoppers can opt for a financed purchase within different installment payment alternatives depending on ticket amount, product category, and typically soft-risk assessment. You can seamlessly embed our scalable and flexible technology into your business ecosystem. This use case is especially strategic when launched parallel to a MCA for merchants. We have developed highly efficient perks and integrations when both are commissioned.

MO Manage Merchant Cash-Advance.

Our MCA technology allows businesses to provide flexible cash funding to their merchants, leveraging their working capital needs and facilitating automated repayments through the network. Common cases of MCA are clients that work with a closed network of environment,  Payment gateways, marketplaces and digital wallets usually take great advantage from this type of credit initiatives.

MO Manage Credit Card.

Real-time credit line management for credit cards. A specialized solution in partnership with card processors where we enable the tech for revolving lending logics for credit card issuing. We have also worked directly as partners with prepaid card processors to support the credit tech behind funded cards.

MO Manage Micro-Credit.

Expand your business while giving credit access to small amount borrowers.​ Get consumer lending capabilities to originate, service and collect small and low-risk unsecured credit granted to end-users within an ecosystem.

The problems we solve —

Working towards a more flexible E2E credit lifecycle management.

MO Manage provides the infrastructure to fully manage your customer journey and reduce significant credit risks and challenges. It’s an excellent alternative when exploring new fintech lines of business involving credit for your network of potential borrowers.  Whether introducing new financing products or venturing into the credit issuance industry for the first time, our solution is out-of-the-box with minimum time-to-market.

We’ve built MO Manage to help our clients launch credit products that enter the market with functional infrastructure. 3 core identified problems in the region inspired us to answer to the current circumstances:


Rigid traditional banking systems incapable of offering flexible credit alternatives.


Population with no access to traditional credit are demanding credit alternatives.


Costly and time-consuming deployment processes.




MO Manage —

How does it work?

MO Manage has 2 core modules built to cover the processes of the digital credit cycle: Module 1: Origination & Module 2: Servicing and Digital Collection.

These modules are cross-cutting, and they are reflected in the 3 tools we have built to serve as our technology’s vehicles. Across them, we have compartmentalized capabilities for origination, servicing and digital collection, depending on the experience we aim to deliver for each one of its users. These tools work in sync to enable a fully-sound credit experience.


The credit management core is our base backend tech stack required to deliver our software. It is the foundation to support our clients’ digital lending ops, where the credit-tech magic happens. MO’s in-house tech teams are the principal users of this tool to provide you with the technology to support your MO Manage.


The Admin portal is the environment to run all credit management ops and configurations for our clients to oversee, manage and gain insight into their credit operation. Also, it is the tool used by our business operations agents to set up, support, and curate platform use and best practices.


The End-user portal delivers value to “the borrower.” It allows an E2E digital experience for credit requests – grants – payments while enabling client engagement and security — all of which are vital for an excellent user experience.




Key features


Origination capabilities

Banking integrations

Product simulation

Product and offer engine

Platform generated comms


Origination & Servicing and Digital Collection modules divided into configurable sub-modules.

Hop-on as many customers through Onboarding, KYC, live credit scoring, and credit application


Bank integrations for disbursement and credit repayment.


A loan simulation is shown to the end-user according to their preference for the requested amount.

It supports the back logic and calculations for the offers configured by the administrator user in the section: Product Catalogue.

Keep your end customers informed of all the transactions and other product-related information.

Relevant and timely KPIs that facilitate conciliation, follow-up, and decision-making.

  • Modular
  • Origination capabilities
  • Banking integrations
  • Product simulation
  • Product and offer engine
  • Platform generated comms
  • Reports
Available in:
  • Adaptable and easily integrated

    Integrated, customizable, and seamless managing tools.

  • Easier launch

    2 months average launch of your credit operations. We do the heavy lifting.

  • Cloud and API based

    Fully digital, fully automated, lean architecture.

Who is this solution for —

How does MO Manage serve our clients?

Financial world...

  • Neo Banks

  • BaaS

  • Digital wallets

  • Acquiring networks

  • Card issuers

Who is this solution for —
Who is this solution for —

How does MO Manage serve our clients?

How does MO Manage serve our clients?

Non-financial world

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Gig-economies

  • Aggregators

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