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Flexible E2E credit & loan management platform.

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MO Manage —

What does it do?

MO Manage is a credit lifecycle management solution that digitizes every step of the customer journey. Our comprehensive client and loan management core automates your entire credit process, including on-boarding, product configuration, scoring, offer issuance, loan origination, charges calculation, installment and balance management.

MO Manage provides the infrastructure to fully manage your customer journey and reduce significant credit risks and challenges. It’s an excellent alternative for financial institutions exploring new digital channels and non-financial institutions wanting to facilitate financing to their clients.

Flexible product creation.

Easily configure products through our user friendly and secure admin portal. Our dynamic configuration options let you segment clients and make quick edits to business rules with total flexibility instead of constricting global settings.


MO Manage is versatile to your infrastructure and built to work around your capabilities. Our open API adjusts to your banking systems and is guaranteed to get you up and running in record time. Out-of-the-box, you can integrate through API, SFPT, S3, and batch filing, among others.

White label.

MO Manage covers the entire lending cycle in a lean and efficient way. It is the best fit for those businesses looking for fast time to market and quick scalability. Our platform is fully customizable for a complete brand and business alignment.

Simple third-party integrations.

MO Manage comes with pre-established integrations with various tools, including KYC, payment gateway, messaging module for reminders and alerts, and fraud.

The problems we solve —

Flexible credit lifecycle management.

We’ve built MO Manage to help new loan products enter the market with functional infrastructure. It is a fully automated lending ecosystem without the need of major development. Whether introducing new financing products or venturing into the credit/loan issuance industry for the first time, our solution is out-of-the-box with minimum time-to-market. In addition to our technology, we’ll provide knowledge and experience to fast-track deployment, shorten your learning curve, and speed up your success.


Rigid banking systems.


Costly and time-consuming deployment processes.


Inflexible one-size-fits-all solutions.



MO Manage —

How does it work?

MO Manage comprehensively covers the E2E needs for the credit life cycle. It packs the necessary to run your credit & lending operation into a single solution.


Our Administration Portal features a friendly interface that lets you define and parametrize back-office logic. Modify the design of your products without having to modify the back-end. The parameters that can be adjusted are Interest rate, installments, credit duration, capital amount ranges, and other business rules.


Our white-labeled Customer Facing Portal is ideal for onboarding, requesting loans, and credit history visualization via App or Web. We have solid capabilities in digital onboarding, enabling client engagement and security — all of which are vital for an excellent user experience.


Our Loan Management Platform lets you manage the credit life cycle, back-office logic, and set final user interactions. You can also boost the implementation with the following add-ons: KYC, Fraud, CRM, ERP, Payments Gateway, Invoice, & Comms




Key features

Flexible core

Adaptable integration with user interface

Authentication system integrated w/ interface

Disbursement engine

Collection logic and engine

Platform-generated communications


High flexibility product definition: credit duration, type of interest, fixed charges, collection periodicity, disbursement channels, among others.

Predefined channels such as APIs, SFTP and AWS S3 allowing for an easi integration with a wide range of platforms.

Secure end-customer access through authenticated redirection or in-portal verification.

Real-time or batch connections to disbursement systems, either belonging to you or outsourced.

Balance and installment management that ensures compliance with financial terms and conditions, accepting various payment channels.

Keep your end-customers informed of all the transactions and any other product-related information.t

Relevant and timely KPIs that facilitate conciliation, follow-up and decision-making.

  • Flexible core
  • Adaptable integration with user interface
  • Authentication system integrated w/ interface
  • Disbursement engine
  • Collection logic and engine
  • Platform-generated communications
  • Reports
Available in:
  • Easier lending.

    Simplified experience for lenders and customers that demystifies financing products.

  • Lean operations.

    Our technology does the heavy lifting, allowing lean operations even in large micro-loan programs.

  • Flexible technology.

    Integrated, customizable, and seamless managing tools.

Who is this solution for —

How does MO Manage serve our clients?

Financial world

  • Marketing campaign segmentation.

  • Loan pre-qualification.

  • Credit decisioning (In applicable countries).

  • Risk and portfolio management.

Who is this solution for —
Who is this solution for —

How does MO Manage serve our clients?

How does MO Manage serve our clients?

Non-financial world

  • Company-sponsored financing for employees, suppliers, contractors, merchants.

  • Real estate.

  • University research.

  • Government research.

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