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Optimize your credit strategy using georeferenced data. Find correlations to credit risk with thousands of alternative data variables. Gain deeper insight into the credit risk of a new or existing customer.

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MO Geo —

What does it do?

Geo provides custom-tailored data based on a geographic location and your statistical needs. Simply search an area (using an address or coordinates) and choose the variables relevant to your operation. Thousands of anonymyzed geographic, sociographic, demographic, financial and public variables can be used for marketing, loan pre-qualification or credit lifecycle management.

This technology will help broaden your view of existing and potential customers by giving you alternative data variables that fill common gaps in traditional credit risk models.

Bear in mind that MO Geo is not a replacement for your credit risk models. The alternative variables that we generate serve as a complement to existing methodologies.

Discover relevant credit data.

Geo is unique among alternative data providers – it’s the only service that identifies alternative data variables that are correlated to credit risk. Geo saves you valuable time and resources by pre-selecting relevant variables from the thousands available in each country.

Multi-purpose & encompassing.

Our standardized data can be used for nearly any imaginable case. From marketing and research to credit lifecycle management, our variables deliver instant access to diverse data ranging from household income and hospital ratings to the number of ATMs, schools, shopping malls or gas stations in a particular area.

Anonymized and aggregated data maintains privacy.

MO Geo does not contain personally identifiable information (PII). Since non-PII data doesn’t require consumer consent, Geo can be used in more ways than data obtained via other sources like Open Banking.

Unbeatable value.

Since Geo relies on open-source data to derive correlations, our input costs are extremely low. We are able to deliver the best dollar per KPI compared to our competitors.

The problems we solve —

Narrow the financial inclusion gap.

Alternative data changes the way financial and non financial institutions qualify and serve their customers by giving them the data they otherwise wouldn’t have. This revolutionary approach will help to open the credit world to score thin-file/no-file applicants. This new understanding of a previously underserved portion of the population allows you to expand your market with confidence. Alternative data facilitates the creation of inclusive credit opportunities through an encompassing view of your customers while protecting and growing your bottom line.


The underserved portion of the population has historically been ignored by the credit industry.


There are too many alternative data sources and it’s difficult to identify variables that would be relevant to credit risk.




MO Geo —

How we do it


Configure your data request by choosing from our four groups; Commerce; Government & Public Services; People; and Environment.


Choose between our basic variables or premium correlated indexes including historical values available for each.


Search an area by address or coordinates.


Retrieve the requested variables individually or via batch and through the portal or via an API connection.



Key features

Create a configuration

Input a location

Download the data

Choose the relevant variable groups.

Search address or coordinates.

Via the API or portal (CSV, Excel, JSON).

  • Create a configuration
  • Input a location
  • Download the data
Available in:



  • Broaden your reach with geoenriched data.

    Geo acquires data from a multitude of sources that contain numerous topics: socioeconomic, commercial, real estate, etc. After completing the ETL process, each data point is stored in a hexagon associated with a specific location (address or coordinates) for easy reference when a download is created.

  • Unmatched Machine Learning (ML) capabilities.

    Geo relies on ML and AI techniques to identify correlations between credit risk and alternative variables. In order to establish these correlations, deep neural networks operate within each hexagon to cluster together variables associated with a particular credit risk metric.

  • Cutting-edge infrastructure allows for real-time analysis and downloads.

    Geo provides powerful real-time data analysis and downloads as its internal infrastructure feeds on leading-edge cloud computing techniques.

Who is this solution for —

How does MO Geo serve our clients?

Financial world

  • Marketing campaign segmentation.

  • Credit decisioning (In applicable countries. This funcionality is not available in the U.S.).

  • Risk and portfolio management.

Who is this solution for —
Who is this solution for —

How does MO Geo serve our clients?

How does MO Geo serve our clients?

Non-financial world

  • Company-sponsored financing for employees, suppliers, contractors, merchants.

  • Real estate.

  • University research.

  • Government research.

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