MO Fetch

MO Fetch is a data transformation platform that converts documents into data ready for analysis. Capture unstructured information from an endless variety of document formats through OCR technology. Ideal for customer data verification, credit assessment, or back-office operations.

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MO Fetch —

What does it do?

MO Fetch transforms documents into data in seconds. Upload PDFs or images and automatically get structured data files ready for analysis in formats such as JSON and .txt. Seamlessly extract and categorize everything you need from utility bills, invoices, receipts, or account statements and save up to 3 minutes of entry time per document.

Are you looking for speed? Our robust and easy-to-use API supports real-time data extraction and is built for scale.

Over 95% accuracy.

MO Fetch is a template-based solution. This means that the location of the data fields, type, length, and other key factors are accurately captured right out of the box. The result is a confidence level over 95%.


MO Fetch easily adapts to your business. Need a template that we don’t support? Let us know. Our Technology can be trained to extract the fields that matter to your operation or add new templates on demand.

Seamless API integration.

MO Fetch works as a fully integrated service via API. This guarantees full automation and 99.9% service availability. The seamless integration leapfrogs human intervention and bypasses the need for manual processes — the result: instant scalability and flexibility.

Processing time under 30 sec.

Our OCR technology is pre-trained to ensure that data extraction is nearly flawless. Our ready-to-use templates guarantee a groundbreaking processing time (under 30 seconds) and exceptional extraction accuracy even when documents are in less than optimal conditions.

The problems we solve —

Extract a goldmine of insights minus the laborious paperwork.

MO Fetch eliminates tedious document capture and data entry so your team can focus on what matters. Built to maximize operational efficiency our platform is pre-trained to extract data fields from hundreds of documents in seconds without any human supervision.


Complementary info. for creditworthiness assessments.


Know your customers through non-digitalized sources.


Fully searchable document digitization.



MO Fetch —

How does it work?

Our industry-leading artificial intelligence models convert human-readable documents into machine-readable data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR is the conversion of images, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text through software. MO Fetch finds and collects key data from documents, even if they are wrinkled or creased. Data extraction takes seconds and runs efficiently on hundreds of file types and available languages, enabling our clients to capture information from virtually any type of document.







Key features

+400 templates

You have a document; we can read it

Performance tracking dashboard

Extract the data fields you need

Extract data from an endless variety of document formats and layouts. MO Fetch is trained to extract numerous data fields from hundreds of documents right out of the box.

If you need a template that we don’t support, let us know. Training for new templates or fields is a complimentary service.

Our platform provides a real-time outlook of your usage. Easily manage and keep track of your requests while obtaining valuable insights into the data captured.

Upload bucketloads of documents and capture the data that matters. Need more fields? Talk to us. Our technology can accommodate custom requirements.

  • +400 templates
  • You have a document; we can read it
  • Performance tracking dashboard
  • Extract the data fields you need
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Who is this solution for —

How does MO Fetch serve our clients?

Financial world...

  • Banks & Neobanks

  • Fintechs

  • Digital wallets

  • Acquiring networks

  • Correspondant network

  • Lenders

  • Card issuers

Who is this solution for —
Who is this solution for —

How does MO Fetch serve our clients?

How does MO Fetch serve our clients?

Non-financial world

  • Ride hailing companies

  • FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

  • BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing)

  • Gig economies

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