Digital financing solutions.

We are a product-led high-tech company. Through three seamless digital financing solutions, we target the financial and non-financial world.

Financial world

Non-financial world

  • Gig economy workers

  • Ride-hailing providers

  • Government research

  • Service companies that want to start in the financing world or want to improve their financing solutions leveraging highly sophisticated technology.

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All Solutions —

Robust solutions to enhance our clients capabilities.

Through disruptive ML & AI and Software development methodologies, we develop, scale, and optimize financial solutions.

Want to make better decisions through insightful data?

Alternative and complementary data gives you access to demographics, consumer transactions and financial behaviors outside the traditional credit file. Optimize your credit strategy using georeferenced data and find correlations to credit risk with thousands of alternative data variables with MO Geo. Transform documents into data in seconds. Upload PDFs or images and automatically get structured data files ready for analysis in formats such as JSON and .txt, all easily facilitated using MO Fetch.

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Looking for flexible and innovative solutions with short time to market?

We have you covered. MO Manage provides access to flexible tech solutions that comprehensively cover the E2E needs to manage the credit life cycle. Additionally, MO BNPL provides a real-time credit evaluation to finance small amount financing requests at checkout in both physical and online stores.

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Did you know you can achieve financial inclusion through ML & AI?

Our alternative and innovative scoring models leverage ML. MO Score helps you assess the creditworthiness of non-file, thin-file, or full-file users. Reduce low-risk debit and prepaid declined transactions resulting from insufficient funds with MO Override and access to advanced analysis, visualization, and descriptive data through MO Insight.

Explore our Alternative Scoring and Analysis solutions:
Our solutions
Solution A —

The Digital Lending Platform.

Our platform comprehensively covers the end-to-end needs of a credit lifecycle value chain. Our solution covers the full lending cycle including: digital onboarding and credit core management (origination, approval, servicing, reporting and collection.), integration with CRM and ERP, management of the communications, reporting.

Solution B —

The Alternative Scoring and Analysis.

Through our proprietary risk models leverage the latest ML and AI modeling methodologies and rely on ingesting our standard and premium KPIs for above industry average approval rates. The models are battle tested by financial and non-financial service providers and can also be complemented with client transactional data and local credit bureau data to further analyze and draw insights from vast data repositories resulting in a great alternative for primary and secondary looks during the credit decisioning process.

Solution C —

The Complementary Data.

The alternative data aggregates, consolidates and geo references data sources with a single integration.  The standard indexes provide value on their own by filling our client’s data deficiency gaps needed by their risk analysis models.  MO’s premium KPI indexes provide high correlations to credit risk and can serve as a proxy during customer and acquisition and lifecycle management.  Our technology allows you high speed digitization of documents to extract crucial data inputs used by downstream loan originations and loan management processes.

Core products
The rest of the family

MO Geo

Optimize your credit strategy using georeferenced data.

  • Indexes correlated to specific credit risks.

  • Use case agnostic.

  • Anonymized & aggregated (No PII).

MO Fetch

Transform PDFs, photos, images and documents into structured data.

  • Over 95% accuracy.

  • Processing time under 30 seconds.

  • Seamless API integration.


Real-time credit evaluation to finance low-amount credits at checkout.

  • Instant approval.

  • Flexible payment scheme.

  • Omnichannel: online or in-store.

MO Override

Reduce the number of low-risk transactions declined due to insufficient funds in real-time.

  • Better customer experience.

  • Proactive and reactive optionality.

  • The use cases are plentiful.

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