MO Tecnologias LLC expands Patent portfolio in the US.

MO Tecnologias LLC expands Patent portfolio in the US.

Press release - March 9, 2021

Miami – MO Tecnologias LLC announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office will issue on March 16, 2021, patent number 10949918, which covers MO's core credit scoring technology based on determining the behavioral profile of a consumer. This invention encloses the system and method for issuing a loan to a consumer determined to be creditworthy and generates a consumer's behavioral profile

Patents are an important marker for how innovative a company is. With the granting of this patent, initially filed on December 20, 2017, the "core technology patent”, MO demonstrates its ongoing commitment to innovation and leadership in the credit industry.

From the beginning, the company recognized the importance of developing and then protecting its technology. "Innovation has always been at the very core of our identity. To be ahead in the credit score ecosystem has always been on our mindset, and this patent is proof we are achieving it", said Paolo Fidanza, CEO, and Co-Founder at MO. "To have MO's innovation formalized by the granting of a patent by the USPT office is a source of pride for the entire team but also a further reassurance to our partners and clients that they are adopting the most innovative solutions in the credit field."

MO’s bad debt forecast patent and behavioral profile of a consumer patent include complex technology, architecture, and artificial intelligence to give credit based on its machine learning predictive models.

“Using data linked to consumer transactions over time, the MO Tecnologias system applies sophisticated machine learning concepts to forecast the behavioral profiles of consumers and update credit and loan amounts. This advanced financial services technology provides financial institutions another tool to help make safe financial decisions for their clients and is a testament to the innovative skill and talent of the inventors and staff at MO,” said Richard K. Warther, Shareholder, Registered Patent Attorney of Allen, Dyer, Doppelt + Gilchrist.

The granting of this patent proves the innovative technology and artificial intelligence at MO and reassures the core of its business which is to develop predictive models that include the engineering of variables that can become more predictive.

About MO Tecnologias LLC

We are MO Technologies, a Credit as a Service (CaaS) fintech with proprietary technology leverage on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. At MO we have developed an innovative data (MO Insight) and credit scoring model (MO Score) to determine the financial worthiness, default probability and predictive behavior of corporates, merchants, and individuals boosted with our MO Data solutions.

Also, we have a lending solution (MO Manage) to offer an end-to-end service. This through our Loan Management Platform, a flexible credit core that allows the client to manage all the credit life cycle. Our

Customer Facing Portal, which is a white label end-user portal with look and feel of our client, and our Administration Portal a partner interface for defining and parametrizing back-office logic.

Thanks to our modules we offer an end-to-end solution that has several use cases such as Credit Line Definition: improving approval rates of declined credit card applications. Microcredits: payroll advance and merchant cash advance and, Instant Override: second approval of declined transactions due to insufficient funds in debit and pre-paid portfolio.


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