Distrito Especial’s 69 Fastest Growing FinTech Startups

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At Fintech Energy we track over 200,000 fintech startups and over 1,000,000 people who hold key positions in these companies. We use this directory of startups to highlight top employees, founders and organisations we think deserve more appreciation than they are currently getting.

We’ve ranked the top 69 FinTech companies in Distrito Especial. The companies, startups and institutions listed in this article are all exceptional companies, well worth a follow. We have included links to their websites, socials and CrunchBase (if you’re interested in their financials).

We selected the organisations listed in this article based on:

  • Track record
  • Executive leadership
  • Market share
  • Innovation
  • ESG rating

Top FinTech Companies & Startups (Distrito Especial)

Addi: Addi is a technology company that provides credit and banking solutions.

Valiu: Enabling the first crypto-economy in Venezuela

trii: Trii is a mobile platform that allows retail investors to buy both US and local equities in LatAm.

Mono: Neobank for SMBs in Colombia

MO Technologies: MO Tecnologies is moving technology forward for an inclusive, digital, and seamless financing.

Zinobe: Digital financial services company in the Colombian market. Developed a data centric credit model to help target underserved markets.

Aflore: Aflore is a developer of tech-enabled direct sales channel to help informal advisors realize goals through loans and financial products.

Plurall: Plurall is a fintech focused on improving the Financial Inclusion of solo-preneurs in Colombia.

Bold: Bold creates financial tools that allow users to increase sales by receiving card payments.

Ontop: Ontop automates international hiring, payments, and taxes, onboarding, and payroll management for global teams.

Mezubo: Mezubo is a fintech company.

Polymath Ventures: Polymath Ventures is a Digital Venture Group that builds from scratch and scales disruptive tech ventures for Latin America’s middle class.

Treinta: Digital ledger app for Latin American microbusinesses

Avista: Avista is a technology-based financial company reinventing people’s financial lives through an ecosystem of simple, digital credit solutions

Luable: Luable is a fintech in Latin America to invest in high yield fixed-term products from Banks.

LQN: Mortgage Ecosystem for LATAM

BioCredit: BioCredit is the first platform of its kind, which connects people.

Listed 69 companies here: https://fintech.energy/distrito-especials-69-fastest-growing-fintech-startups/
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